Styles of Custom Challenge Coins for Clubs

Clubs Coins

The Punisher has been a comic icon and  for quite some time his anti-hero personal and tragic background, Frank Castle has remained just under the surface of mainstream audiences’ attention.

This  fictional character appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

As a traditional comic book, brings new ideas to designers, to create different styles for custom challenge coins for fans and collectible clubs.

As a leading and professional custom coins maker, GS-JJ has series Punisher Coins.

This challenge coin is are made by The Punisher LE/MC  (the law enforcement motorcycle club); their members are retired law enforcement, firefighters, active and retired military and few like-minded individuals.

The Punisher L.E.M.C challenge coins feature with scared head skull on white background and “SUPPORTING” words around the edge represents the support to its members.

This Punisher coins are great gifts and challenge coins for recognition,  awards or gift to the soldiers, groups and team. with great custom challenge coins.


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