The umbrella…

There have been divergent views on this issue. Some say that the Egyptians used the earliest umbrella, as early as 1200 BC, the Egyptian aristocrats travel often to slaves for them to support the sun umbrella. The Romans used the umbrella to cover the sunshine of the Mediterranean. In China, the umbrella was invented by Luban’s wife in 1000 BC, and the umbrella was called “mobile house”.

An umbrella is a shade or a tool for covering rain and protect from the sun. Generally made of oil paper, tarpaulins or plastic cloth. Although the umbrella in the initial invention of the main purpose is to block the sun now the most commonly used is as rain tool.

Britain established the umbrella museum in 1969. In the United Kingdom, in the 18th century began to use the umbrella. Umbrella was once a woman’s special products, that women’s attitude towards love. Ex. – Put the umbrella up to that love is unswerving; -left hand holding the umbrella, said, “I do not have free time now.” -The umbrella slowly shaking, that there is no confidence or no trust; -the umbrella against the right shoulder, that do not want to see you again. In the nineteenth century men began to use umbrellas.

As the British rainy, the umbrella is an indispensable part of British life, a symbol of the traditional British way of life, as London businessmen and official’s necessity, the British symbol – John Bull in the hands holding an umbrella.

Umbrella Custom Hard Enamel Pins , full of flowers and elegant design, this umbrella Custom Hard Enamel Pins are crafted by hard enamel, die struck with dye finish.

The craft is very delicate and with vivid colors and perfect finish. Each is individually poly bagged and with a butterfly clutch in the back. GS-JJ can provide many different personalized pins, including custom hard enamel pins at the lowest price.

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