Promotional Custom Hard Enamel Pins for any Event

Promotional Custom Lapel Pins for the “The Poteau Balloon Fest”

Big Corporations, Small Business and any organization use this events as a great opportunity to promote their business. Take a look to this beautiful Custom Lapel Pin created as a gift for this event!

Hot balloon flight has become in a favorite aviation sports,  they are also used in aerial photography and air travel.

Because they had big popularity usually in big events you can enjoy of it.

The Poteau Balloon Fest is an annual hot air balloon.

In this festival featuring the hot air balloons, tethered balloon rides and glows, a mud pit race, arts and crafts booths, games, food, carnival rides and much more.

Each evening the balloons will line up for an exciting balloon glow as the hot air balloons perform via burns, flickers and the wave.

A wide variety of events will be held in conjunction with the event. This Festival had quickly become one of the most sought out events  for vendors in the State of Oklahoma. Watson Motors has made a excellent design as a gift to promote their business.

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Hot Air Balloon Pins , combined with red glitter. This Pins are crafted by hard enamel , die struck and  gold finish. The craft is very delicate. GS-JJ can provide many different custom hard enamel pins, and die struck pins at the lowest price.


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