Rabbit Custom Lapel Pins-GSJJ

How to Order Enamel Pins

Customizing Enamel Pins ?

With GSJJ that is easy! Go to GS-JJ.com  then use our Automated Quotation System, fill the online step y step and done…

  • Did you like the price and want to guarantee it ? Click on Submit order (Green Button)
  • Not ready to pay ? Well… ask for a free proof and submit a inquiry (Blue Button)

Wait for 24 hours and a sales representative will contact you by email.

Make sure you are giving us the correct information and that you are attaching the file with your design…

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If you don’t have a Design, we help you! we need a picture or a hand sketch to understand your request.

We recommend you to visit our exhibition! you will love our work.

Small quantity and can’t do it through the system… No worries…

Send us an email to info@gs-jj.com

Use our minimum order of $99 and you can take include: 

  1. Design
  2. Digital Proof
  3. Shipping
  4. No Tax and Duty
  5. Around 20 pcs
  6. Mold fee (We keep it for up 2 years)


Instagram: @lapelpins_gsjj

Twitter: @GS_Promo_Inc

Facebook: @GSPromoInc




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