Things to do on #Valentine’sNight | Dark Dine | #CuteGifts

Private Dinners in the Dark

What about trying a Dark Dine experience? Giving Cute #Gifts?

What kind of experience would that be?  You can experience a new and exciting way to dine at #Valentine’s Day!

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Dining in the Dark is a unique sensory experience and Let us also experience the lives of those who are completely blind, Taking an unforgettable journey in the dark. Dark dining takes place in a dark #restaurant, with all light sources have been eliminated, including mobile #phones and cameras.

Before entering, you will choose your meal, often selecting from among several generic menus rather than specific items.

If you have a history of allergies or something you can not to eat you have to tell them. You will need to drop off all “cell phones, watches, lighters, and cameras” into a “secure locker”.

It’s also a culinary encounter of heightened senses.

There, we can not to see the food we are eating.

The dark took away all the other unnecessary distractions: all of our focus was either on the food in front of me, or on our companion. Because the menus are secret until the end of the meal, so we can have fun making guesses about the food on their plates and the wine in their glasses.

Needless to say, even if it was nerve-wracking at first, it slowly turned out to be an incredibly fun experience!

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