California Famous Ski Resorts | Promo State Pins

Snowy season is here! Promo your Snow Season with State Pins.

Skiing is an integral part of American culture and a common entertainment…

also every leisure project during the snow season goes deep into every household in the United States.

The United States, snow-capped ski resort in addition to providing ski services in winter, but also to develop a diversified business, including golf, spa, mountain bike riding and so on.

Do you want to know what the United States are super five-star ski resort?

Please follow me to have a look!

Lake Tahoe one of  the most concentrated ski resort in California and throughout North America.

Large and small distribution along the lake there are a dozen resorts.

One of the most famous resort!!!

Known as Lake Tahoe’s most beautiful ski resort, Heavenly as its name, near Lam Lake, standing on top of the hill, as if heaven.

As its name says it!

Heavenly snow resort known as the snowfall large snow field, larger than Colorado and Utah, so if you catch the snow…

Undoubtedly excellent. Moreover, the southern part of Lake Tahoe where Heavenly is located is not high above sea level.

During skiing, the temperature is extremely comfortable.

In fact, there are many top resorts to choose to meet the different needs of tourists. Such as Hubei Squaw Valley snow field is the site of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, the snow-capped mountains up to an altitude of 2758 meters high; Alpine Meadows alpine meadow ski resort, with over 20 ski areas, ideal for alpine skiing and snowboarding or cross-country skiing and other types Ski lovers;

Northstar is a billion-dollar ski resort built as the most luxurious ski resort in Lake Tahoe.

California and USA pins -GSJJ
California and USA pins -GSJJ

Rocky Mountains

Over 5,000 acres and 3400 feet of vertical drop, the Vail resort is the largest single ski resort in the world and the number one ski resort in the United States and North America. The Vail resort has 193 slopes and over 120 designated trails.

Snow field consists of three different styles of the region, the steep front mountain, the mountain after the romance; more blue-sky Valley, the snow road between the dense pine forest, away from the crowd, quiet serenity in the shadows Sisha glide, from time to time to see a few Indian triangular wooden signpost, can be described as everywhere there are surprises.

The Arapahoe Basin resort, a 2-hour drive west of Denver, runs from the end of November until June of the following year, sometimes up to July and August, the latest snow-ski stop in the United States. It is also one of the highest snow-covered ski lanes in North America, and the cutest is the fair price. If you like to ski in the warm sun, here is a good choice.

If these ski resorts are lucky enough to be selected as the playing field, when you watch the game with extreme excitement, will you feel something is missing?

That’s right, if you can wear your state pins and support the players in your own state, how perfect! States pins which die struck with gold finish from GS-JJ are crafted by soft enamel.

Colorado and USA pins-GSJJ
Colorado and USA pins-GSJJ

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