Custom Patch

Custom Patches Shows your Club Identity

Great Ideas for Club Identity! Your Identity!

Custom Patches. Photo:

An Embroidered Custom Patch, also known as a cloth badge.

Embroidered Patches weren’t always popular and fashionable.

But, from long time now, the art of making embroidered patches is an old tradition!

And it is originally crafted by hand.

Its origin is dated back, to hundreds of years ago.

They were worn only for practical uses for covering up holes in threadbare clothing and official people in uniform.

Just for you to know, for the past several decades there are a variety of custom patches that have become an official symbol of fashion.

Custom Patch
Custom Patch
Custom Patch
Custom Patch_2

For now on, many people and different organizations, uses as a particular style and identity.

The Custom Patches are a great way to promote your company group or brand!

That is just one of reasons why to wear them!

Patches are inexpensive and can be displayed on a variety of apparel, also can be easily be add to  your favorite jacket, backpack or hat.

You can try so much more, and maybe customize even pants and underwear!

Custom made patches tell your story and define your personality .

For example, club patches which display loyalty and membership affiliation.

Also it is good to mention, many sport clubs or academies to customize their uniforms with Patches.

Example of it…

  • International Black Belt Club custom patches,  for members who have made a long-term commitment about studying Taekwondo.

The Black belt Club custom made patches can help your students show their commitment and show off your club logo.

  • School Uniforms
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • and more

Wearing a patch with your colors will identify you and will show your brand.

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