Enamel Pin - GSJJ

Animals Clothing Custom Enamel Pins for you!

What about  Elephant Lapel pins

Clothing Custom Enamel Pins are specially design to make your clothes glow with your personal style!

The elephant has been a contributor to Thai society and its icon for many centuries.

It has had a considerable impact on their culture.

Because of all that this animal is the is the official national animal of Thailand!

Here you can see a wonderful creation of Custom Enamel Pins.

Have this great ideas for your new creations..

Custom Enamel Pins

This Elephant lapel pins, made by GS-JJ, There is a big dark green leaf in the middle of an elephant stands here.

Enamel lapel pins are crafted by soft enamel , die struck with gold finish.

It was designed for youth tour. GS-JJ can provide many different custom lapel pins at the lowest price.

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