Delicious, hot food! Come out and join Red White and Blue BBQ. A warm and tasty way to brighten your day!


The Barbecue for the Red, White & Blue is one of Clear Path for Veterans largest fundraisers, and proceeds from this event go to Supporting the fund which enables us to provide quality programs and services to our Nation’s Veterans. With the help of everyone, to improve and make sure the Veterans and the families to have better life after service.

The Red, White & Blue Barbecue will feature a special barbecue competition among local barbecue restaurants, vendors and individuals. The menu will include: roast pig and other barbecued meats, tasty side dishes made with local delicious products and so on.

That’s why the custom coins for the BBQ with the gold pig in the middle, it refers to roast pig. The Red, White, & Blue BBQ custom coins as gifts from the organization, to thank everyone who attended, sponsored, or volunteered for the event to make it possible. Award this custom coins to all who donated and appreciate their support!


From the appearance you know, the customized coins are made of fine metal, gold plated and polished to shine presentation. It’s dual sides challenge coin, but both sides are same. on the surface of the challenge coins, it’s features with the BBQ logo, red white and blue roast pig filled with nice enamel colors and gold ear of wheat around the coin edge. Great gifts and coins for your participants and groups.

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