Dragon Crusher

“Any Mission, Anywhere.” This motto belongs to Soldiers who served the 571st Military Police Company in the past and present. It didn’t matter if it was heavy rain, hail storm, heavy winds, or very late nights at the office, the Dragon Crushers came together to ensure the mission was accomplished! Thanks for their support and contributions for the Military Police Corps, and to the United States Army.

The dedicated Soldiers in 571st Military Police Company are outstanding Soldiers, are the definition of what a Soldier should inspire to be, with their great performance in battle time and daily training, they earned great reputations — Dragon Crusher.

Because of their special profession, they are always hard-working and work under high pressure, the officers often organize Dragon Crusher events to have fun and entertainment. Just like always, the Dragon Crushers end the week with an ever-lasting impression. Soldiers conducted warrior time training and received awards to cap off a great week!

Here are the customs made coin for Dragon Crushers event. Custom Coins are for the Excellence in 571st Military Police Company. The custom military coins are designed as weapon shape, more like a hammer with black dragon around. Custom challenge coins are quality custom coins, filled with 3 enamel colors on the surface, and the slip side printed with motto and goal. “Any Mission, Anywhere”. Great gift and award for excellent soldiers with this custom challenge coins.

If you have similar requirement about your events or groups, you should find some professional custom coins maker (for example, GS-JJ.COM) to design your own challenge coins with best design services and price. To promote and award your teams with great token!

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