Swan Elegant Bird

Swan refers to the Swan birds (scientific name: Cygnus), a total of 7 species. In addition to Africa, Antarctica outside the continent are distributed. Swan is a winter migrant, lived in the lakes and swamps, mainly aquatic plants for food. In nature, the swan can live about 20 to 50 years. Swan is a high champion, a height of up to 9 km, can fly over the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest. Because of their elegant body, from past to now, swan became beautiful, innocent and kind of incarnation. In addition to white swans, black swans distributed in southern Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and its neighboring islands. The black swan is full of charm.

“Greek bird spectrum,” a book for the swans dying call has a touching description, Western culture, the literati’s death is called “swan song” (swan song) is derived from this. In the UK, excellent poets or singers can be compared with swans, such as Shakespeare’s nickname. Western music and literary works also have the image of swans, San Sang’s “Swan’s Death”, Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” has a swan noble, holy image, Andersen with swan’s feather color change interpretation A touching “ugly duckling”. The constellations in the stars also have the swan figure (Cygnus), which is the incarnation of the Greek mythology of Zeus, many artists love Swan as the theme of their creations. Swan around the world named names are numerous, surname Swan is also derived from this beautiful and white birds.

The Swan Lapel Pins , made by GS-JJ, enamel pin maker. It is crafted by Zinc alloy, die cast with gold finish. The craft is very delicate. Each are individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different custom pins  at the lowest price.

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