Fairy Chrysanthemum

In the ancient myths and legends, Chrysanthemum was given auspicious, longevity meaning.

It symbolizes clean, noble, love, nostalgic, noble character mean. There are a lot variety of Chrysanthemums that is why they are so popular.

In China Chrysanthemums which are beautiful scenery in autumn are one of the top ten famous flowers. There is an old story about chrysanthemum, maybe you will like it.

A long time ago, a little girl lived in a remote village. She particularly loved the Chrysanthemums flowers, her yard was full of them, because she lived alone and lonely, she often talked with the Chrysanthemums flowers, treated them as her best friends.

Gradually, the flowers have nimbus. The good times weren’t for long. One day the village was attacked by robbers, the little girl was killed. But the story tells the little girl’s blood spattered the Chrysanthemums in the courtyard and because all the Chrysanthemums were very sad they decided with their own vitality save the soul of the little girl… and the little girl became in a flower fairy, and stayed with flowers happy together.

Chrysanthemums are very beautiful and charming so that many designers make their creations with  these flowers.

The lapel pins for Fairy and Chrysanthemum, made by GS-JJ, enamel pin maker. It is covered by epoxy. The craft is very delicate and color is uniform. It is very suitable to friends as gift. Each of us is individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different personalized pins at the lowest price.

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