Jazz Music

Jazz is a music genre, originated in 19th to early 20th century as interpretations of American and European classical music entwined with African and slave folk songs and the influences of West African culture, which developed from roots in blues and ragtime. With greatest appeals of the genre, the people in these countries loved jazz. Many people became jazz musicians themselves.

To some African Americans, jazz has highlighted their contribution to American society and helped bring people’s attention to black history and culture. It’s great popular music.

And there is the Night Jazz, organized by Gary Lannes, incorporates big band sounds featuring music made famous by artists such as Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Frank Sinatra. Established in 1995, the group consists of 20 members.

Each year the band performs at various community events, such as The University of Find-lay Jazz Festival, The Find-lay Summer Concert Series, local dinner parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries and dances and so on. Night Jazz is a General Admission Performance and is free to the public.

Custom challenge coins are for the Night Jazz, made by GS-JJ, a professional award coins maker. This die cast custom coin is filled with enamel colors in black and white, some nice music notes in gold are around the cool coin. It features with gold highly polished, and printed with its symbol and basic information on both sides of the challenge coins. Great challenge coins for all the members and fans.


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