Halloween is just around the corner and we probably want to be ready to have a wonderful night. Let’s see what are the most traditional activities people do that night.


Halloween is celebrated on the evening of October 31st, is the official day of the holiday, but Halloween themed decorations, scary movies and parties happen throughout the month of October.

  • During Halloween, people love haunted places and get others to come in themselves with fear. Americans love to be scared.
  • Halloween costume is everything and creativity of people is amazing
  • Decorations, carved pumpkins and graves in the front lawn of people houses, entire houses in “Haunted House”,  fog machines, ghosts and lights and all type of spooky decorations you can imagine. Homeowners in different neighborhoods compete each other for the more attractive and scary decoration.
  • Trick or Treating has been going on for generations.  Go knocking door to door on neighbors homes for candy, with your costume and bag. Usually most of home owners would greet you with sweet snacks that night.
  • Halloween parties are popular with adults. It’s also one of the most popular times to go to Las Vegas for  celebration. Everyone walks around admiring the detail of one another’s costume.

Are you ready to celebrate this year…

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