Amazing Animals

OWLS… owl3

Owls are one of the most fascinating and mysterious raptors in the world. They are birds in the order Stringiness and are birds of prey. There are more than 150 species of owls in the world, and some counts indicate more than 220 species depending on how different owls are classified. The greatest owl diversity is found in Asia, and only 19 owl species are found in the United States and Canada.

Owls are an interesting creature and they have many unique features. All owls have upright posture and forward-facing eyes that give them binocular vision, just like humans. Owls’ eyes are not spheres, however, but are tubes that provide better depth perception and allow them to see prey from great distances, but up close their vision is not as clear. Several owl’s species have ear tufts on their heads but they aren’t ears at all. These tufts of feathers may indicate the bird’s mood, help keep it camouflaged by mimicking branches or leaves or be used to show aggression

If you live in the countryside, you may go out and find an owl for yourself!.

The lapel pins for owls, made by GS-JJ, is crafted by soft enamel and dies struck with dye black. Each of the pin is individually packaged and GS-JJ can provide different custom lapel pins, including soft and hard enamel pins and offset printed lapel pins, to our customers.

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