Special Therapist

Photo / Raimbowaat


It is well known that exist the special education, but the Special Therapist is  similar at some conditions.

Rainbow AAT is a non-profit organization, its founder is a special education teacher. The Rainbow provides many programs, besides building skills, help the children focus elsewhere than on their disability or disease. Most of children could learn new skills and apply them in other areas of their lives, and are proud of their ability have learned.

The Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), is a healing modality involving a patient, and Rainbow dogs works with children, many of whom are sick or have unusual needs. It is vital that the dogs are well-mannered and behave. All the rainbow therapy dogs are well trained, registered, to help people and meet their special needs.

Custom Medal / GS-JJ.com

Rainbow usually organize a small event each year for their participants, and GS-JJ in charge of their medals for the activity. With their rainbow logo and dog’s footprint, the design makes it special. All the attendants would like this special and colorful custom medals. After joining AAT and learning social skills, their life become more better than before. Just like the bright rainbow in the sky.

Photo / grove.ccsd59.org

Children with special needs, improve their motor and verbal skills while with the Rainbow dogs. They often try to do things happily for the dogs that they will not do for anyone else. The unconditional love and patience provided by the special therapy dogs, help to increase their self-esteem and makes them feel like they are normal person same as others.

Besides this shiny custom medal, GS-JJ also have many other types for your choices, such as hard enamel medals, soft enamel medals, antique medals and cut out medals and more. More details on the official website.


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