Interested on Medals …. We show you how we make them!

Medals from the blueprint to an entity


The medal seems a simple business gifts, but it has complex craft work. Today we will share a brief process of making a medal.

Totally has six steps.

  1. Step one, is making mold, according to the confirmed blueprint from client to make 3D mold. Then use steel block material to make the mold. This part is an important step, and needs more time. Make sure the mold is same as the design, we need to bake it in oven. It will strength the hardness of mold. And after baking, we need to bath the part in oil and increase hardness and toughness again.
  2. Step two, is die-casting , a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. In order to protect the mold from pressure, we usually take a steel ring with it together. The common die struck material is non-ferrous metal, including iron, copper, zinc alloy and aluminium etc. If there is no problem with the first mold, then we can launched into mass production.
  3. Step Three, is polishing the mold, the quality of medal depends on this step. Polish helps to move the extra metal on the side, which to make it smooth, bright, and shiny.  
  4. Step four, we need to do the plating. Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. For example, to make the gold plating, put the mold around a copper wire, then put them into the sink with certain chemical. After this, we use water to wash them. Then bake them in an oven again. The custom medal is coming into being.
  5. Step five, is coloring the mold. The worker usually uses needles with pigment to finish this process. Choose the right color, then the liquid will be poured into the mold and left to set until it is firm. After that, put it in oven again.
  6. Step six, finally the worker need to make quality control for the medal. Make sure the medal is meet clients’ requirements. And prepare the poly-bag for each medal after checking.In automated production era, medals are still need so many manual operation and it’s really a skilled work. After knowing more about the process, we should cherish medal more than before, because each custom medal has worker’s so many hard-working. Easy process? Leave your opinion…

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