Oh, Jesus


“Oh, Jesus”, it’s already become a pet phrase in our daily life. When we encounter crazy thing or just a surprise, we blurt out this word. It seems Jesus can help us deal with all the troubles we meet. Sure, it’s indeed. Jesus bless everyone.



Belief is very important for everyone.

People that have any griefs, or can’t burden heavy pressure from work and family, they usually go to church and talk with a priest and father to have advice and feel better. Even people recognize their faults and confess to a father asking for forgiveness and receive goodness for their sins. In father’s mind, all problems can be resolved. Don’t hesitate to the church when want to ask for help.

People spare some time attending to some church activities and to be a sincerely prayer like others.

During that period enjoying different historical styles decoration and praying with others together in church people learn new meaning about life, or receive some special gifts.

Just like the below custom gold medal, to help people decrease high pressures, they holds several events for local prayers.

The GS-JJ cross medals are designed same ornate style as church decoration, customized by some special organization, they prepare to hold the event in local church, with colorful plating and gold finish. All the followers sure like it at fist sight.


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