Come on, Sisters!

Sister is always the nicest person besides mother, if you have one you can get the idea. When you are a baby, she can take care of you when mother is busy.

As a child, your sister can play with you and give her interesting dolls and toys to you, go to school together every day and even protect you when someone try to bully you. Don’t be scared, you have a sister in senior class to count on. So sweet and warm-hearted , right? Besides, we also share happiness and sorrow in daily life with each other.

antique silver medal

Here are sweet sisters for you too, you can run together for fun. The Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series, is a pioneer in women’s racing in Eastern Canada ,and joined by women of all ages, shapes, sizes etc.. And you could know you can be fit, active, healthy and confident regardless of when start exercising. All the sisters can have a health body together and make new friends. To find a new fresh lifestyle in daily life and have own group with same interest. What’s more, all the proceeds of this event will be used for Women’s cancer research. So, you should know this race is a charity activity.

GS-JJ has many custom medals for some special charity organizations. The left antique medal is one of them, with awesome cutouts design, it looks really standing-out and eye-catching. Available in antique gold, silver and copper. If you recently have similar requirements, this customized medal is the best choice for your event too.


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