Soft Enamel Pins for Wizard

Last night, I made a dream, I lost in the forest, very anxious.Suddenly,a lovely white wizard appeared, it took me in the night sky to fly, and then fly out of the forest as Grandpa’s animation world. Finally I safely came back as in the Miyazaki Grandpa’s animation world. I wake up in the morning and find my chest wearing a delicate wizard pin, which is the company’s new products, very cute.The pin is crafted by soft enamel , dye black with glitter. Although it is a simple white soft enamel pin, in the sun’s irradiation it is colorful, sparkling. The soft enamel pin for wizard is full of glitter,which is a sort of craft.Its big eyes look at you and its finger show you direction.It is suitable for  present to friends as gift.Each one comes in an individual poly bag and is secured with a rubber cap back. GS-JJ can give you the best design for your pins. We look forward to your arrival.

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