Lapel Pins In The History Of America

Due to their expressiveness, unique lapel pins have always been popular among people. A small lapel pin has the potential to get all sorts of messages across without you explicitly mentioning anything to the observer.

Lapel pins have now become a casual accessory throughout the world. Historically, however, they were seen differently. Flag lapel pins, for instance, held a special place in the hearts of many and continue to do so. Wearing the flag pin, in particular, denotes a sense of patriotism and is still worn by many politicians and civilians throughout the world today.

Let’s walk through history lane and see how the use of lapel pins has changed overtime.


Long before lapel pins became popular, badges were used to serve the same purpose. In the Middle Ages, badges were also used as a common jewelry item. Badges throughout the world were made using a number of materials including wood, leather, plastic, textile and metal.

One of the most popular badges in America’s history is the star-shaped U.S. sheriff badge. Made even more popular through media, sheriff badges are still used today.

Lapel Pins in World War II

Now more commonly known as award pins, lapel pins used to signify an achievement and were also a thing of the past. The Honorable Service Lapel Button is one of the most profound examples of this. Awarded by the Department of Defense to military service members during World War II, the Honorable Service Lapel Button was a sign of reverence and appreciation for those who were discharged during the war under honorable conditions.

Another significant example of lapel pins used during the World War II era is the Army-Navy “E” Award which was presented to companies which excelled in the production of war equipment.

Contemporary Lapel Pins

With plenty of options available for customization, lapel pins are now very common in the United States and the rest of the world. Custom lapel pins allow users to let their creativity loose with nearly unlimited options. During customization, people are free to create lapel pins for anything they want.

Since custom lapel pins are a very effective way of promoting an idea or expressing an affiliation, more people are relying on them as a means to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Earlier, it was seen that these pins were only worn either by the elite or by someone awarded a lapel pin due to an achievement or honorable mention. Lapel pins, however, have now become very common and considerably cheap.

Over time, lapel pins may have lost the jewelry status they once enjoyed but they continue to be an important part of society and culture, that too, with a very rich history. Although they are now very easily available, certain lapel pins such as those supporting a campaign or flag pins will always be popular and might never lose their essence.


If you too love custom lapel pins, browse through the finest quality and wide range of options available and place your order today.



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