How to Identify All Kinds of Lapel Pins

Whether you are a baseball enthusiast and love collecting trading pins, or you’re one of those people who only wear the customary American flag pin every 4th of July, there are a number of different options when it comes to lapel pins. From the material used to create the pin to the reason why it is worn, people tend to have varying preferences when choosing a lapel pin.

Read on to find out some of the different types of lapel pins and how they gained their popularity.

Hard Enamel Pins

Being one of the highest quality pins available, hard enamel pins are an extremely popular choice. These pins are categorized by their smooth texture. Colors on hard enamel pins are separated by thin metal lines.

Manufacturing these pins involves applying a number of layers of enamel on each pin and baking them at high temperatures. The pins are then finely polished and painted by hand, giving them a very appealing look without being bumpy.

Another option in enamel pins is soft enamel pins which are generally quite cheap. These types of enamel pins, however, have a slightly rough and bumpy texture as compared to hard enamel pins.

Award Pins

As the name suggests, award pins indicate an achievement or act as a token of appreciation. Award pins come in a number of shapes and sizes and are often manufactured with materials of high quality. Enamel colors are added during the manufacturing process, making the award pins distinctly noticeable from a distance. Award pins are generally self explanatory since the image or text on the lapel pin makes it obvious why the pin was awarded.

Cloisonné Pins

Deriving their name from an ancient decorating technique, cloisonné pins are known for their artistic beauty with an appearance like that of jewelry. There is a great amount of detail which goes into the appearance of the cloisonné pins. Known to be one of the most durable options available for lapel pins, cloisonné pins are a favorite for many reasons, the most prominent of which is the luster which they have.

Trading Pins

Trading pins are widely popular throughout the United States among sports enthusiasts. Instead of being worn, trading pins are more commonly seen as a collectible item which fans of different teams love to own. Baseball trading pins are the most common category for sports-based pins in the country. However, pins for softball and ice hockey teams are also quite popular.

Trading pins are visibly unique since they usually only have the name and logo of a specific sports team. The quality of material used for these pins can vary based on your budget and requirements.


With plenty of different kinds of pins to choose from, there are a lot of interesting designs and shapes of lapel pins which you can order. To find out more and browse a variety of options, contact us today.


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