How to get the best price at GS-JJ?

When you enter into a new online shop, you must be concerned about not only quality but also price. GS-JJ is a best manufacturer in making cheap custom medals. So, when you order your custom medals, what secrets you should know? Carefully looking, you will be benefit from it!

No matter you are new customers or regular customers, you are our gods. New customer seems to be a new blood. Their first sight must be attracted by cheap. Then, they will pay more attention to quality and design. Regular customers trust our quality and experience. All of you are dedicated to treated carefully. At GS-JJ, how to get the best price. There are three ways.

  • Order Quality

GS-JJ receives kinds of custom medals like race medalsmilitary medals , award medals and so on. Each medals also has their own crafts. According to different crafts and order quantity with different sizes and thickness, we have different price for you!

1) Custom Antique Medals(2D AND 3D)

2D Custom Antique Medals

3DCustom Antique Medals

2)Custom Soft Enamel Medals(2D AND 3D)

2D Custom Soft Enamel Medals

3D Custom Soft Enamel Medals

3) Custom Cloisoone/Hard Enamel Medals

Custom Cloisoone or Hard Enamel Medals

4) Custom Shinny & Sandblast Medals

Custom Shinny & Sandblast Medals

5) Stock-Shaped insert Medals   

Stock-Shaped insert Medals

Why you order more, GS-JJ can give you different price? We all know that mass production will save manpower and material resources. For example, When you order 50, we need to open machine to operate and people to make, package and delivery. While you order 500, we all do these things. Of course, If you only need 50, it doesn’t matter. But if you think these custom medals can be owned more. You will get the best price.

  • Sales Promotion

GS-JJ will hold sales promotion, the discount usually is 5 percent. You can know about information on GS-JJ.COM or social media like Facebook, Twitter or blog. You can use the code when you make an order. You will get a discount.

Sample: Facebook

sales promotion
  • Delivery Time

There are two ways that you can get discounts. So if you want to order, don’t be hesitate. In this ways can we get lots of time to make and you will get the best price.

1) 20 working days fast production + 2 days shipping have 20% discount.

2) 50 working days for any quantity & shipped by Sea have cheapest 40% discount.

To tell the truth, choosing GS-JJ is your best choice. If you compare other companies, you will find our products cheap. Because we are an original supplier without middle man. GS-JJ directly faces to a broad client base. Therefore, What you see is our cheapest price. Due to our automated quotation system, your operation is easy. You can be at ease in designing. All people will make their efforts for your products. If you want to know more, you can click : Enjoy your visit!

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