The World Cup is Coming, Who will you Weep for?

The 2018 World Cup is coming in Russia. The whole competition will last from 14th June to 15th July. Aren’t you excited? As a senior soccer fan, do you know which soccer fan you belong to?

Types of Soccer Fans

  • Silly Fan: Although influenced by the warm atmosphere, he actually doesn’t know about soccer. He must be called as “amateur”.
  • Crazy Fan: while knowing about soccer, he completely is gripped by emotions, then falls in love with soccer, loses all track of time and even ignores the daily work.
  • Cold Fan: On the surface, he calms down and is never demonstrative. Sometimes, he will be a gentleman, but he pays more attention to soccer inside.
  • Narrow Fan: there is no international view and holistic view, and he only focus on his country or a particular team.
  • Fan-Fan: just as a fan chasing some hot stars, he doesn’t understand the true great charm of soccer.
  • Betting Fan: he keeps a watchful eye on soccer just for gambling and making a profit.
  • Anti-Fan: there is always the mentality of the anti-trend. Some sympathize with the weak team and always support the most underrated team, others produces the reverse resistance of the influence of soccer game.
  • Bad Fan: he, so-called “football hooligan”, belongs to a very destructive force, even for the evil of the Mafia.
  • Sapiential Fan: he truly understands soccer, won’t lose his reason because of mood, is good at analyze and judge objectively and professionally, has a international view of consciousness. Of course, he can take active, positive and proactive attitudes for the development of the world of soccer.

So you must know which soccer fans you belong to!

There are many soccer teams competing for the champion in 2018. Each year, some people will cheer while others have a pity for their team. So, in 2018, which team you will weep for? Before making a decision, let’s know about the team briefly.

Table 1:

The Comparison of Soccer Teams
The Comparison of Soccer Teams

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