How To Use Iron On Patches On Clothing?


Iron on Patches to any Article of Clothing

Iron on Patches
Iron on Patches on Clothing

Are you ready Iron on Patches to your Clothing? Whether a business man , a football Player , or a Biker. You may have this kind of trouble. How do I iron my custom embroidered patches in the world? Here Let me tell you step by step instructions on how to use iron on patches on clothes.

Some Items you need to ready as below:

*Ironing Board
* Your custom iron-on patch
* Clean Washcloth or Tea towel

Step 1: Put the cloth first in the position you want to paste, one side of the hot melt adhesive against the clothes (the glue can’t be torn off)

Iron On Patches On Clothing

Step 2: Then turn the clothes in reverse, the iron temperature is 120-150 degrees, from the back of the hot 8-9 seconds, so that the cloth can be evenly heated. If inconvenient in the opposite position, you can also cover the cloth in the cloth above Hot from above.

Iron On Patches On Clothing

Step 3: Lift the washcloth or tea towel to make sure that the patch is being applied correctly, if the patch is applying correctly you can proceed to Step 6, if the patch is not adhering to the material you will need to start over again with a new patch.

Iron On Patches On Clothing

Step 4: The clothes embroidered on the embroidered cloth can be washed in the washing machine. There is no electric iron to sewn the embroidered cloth to the clothes.

Iron On Patches On Clothing

You can see it’s really very easy to iron on patch to clothes, Iron on Patches not only for clothes, they also useful for Hats, Jeans, Vests.

Iron On Patches On Clothing

Easy to Apply, Easy to Order! 
What’s easier than applying iron on patches? Ordering them from! Call us at 18888644755 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET. Or email: Let us show you how great iron on patches can be!

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