Best Small Souvenir for Stores! USA Flag Pins

USA Flag Pins!!!

All souvenir stores across the Country sell small gifts and souvenirs for visitors.

What a ever durable and great looking gift than a USA Flag Pin, you can select for each of the 52 states in United States.

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Meaningful state flags are with its own history and culture.

It is so difficult for us to select the best one because all of them are very beautiful!!!

If you agree with us, kindly place an order of all of them as souvenirs or gifts for your relatives and friends.

GS-JJ, a custom products manufacturer helps you with design.

We offer the most fantastic quality and excellent prices!

Try any of our  lapel pins at the lowest price. 

Feel free to contact us!

To order your own USA Flag Pins, visit our website, or

email to

Use our minimum order of $99 and you can take include: 

  1. Design
  2. Digital Proof
  3. Shipping
  4. No Tax and Duty
  5. Around 20 pcs
  6. Mold fee (We keep it for up 2 years)



Instagram: @lapelpins_gsjj

Twitter: @GS_Promo_Inc

Facebook: @GSPromoInc

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