Mixed Martial Arts the New Fitness Way to Shape your Body!

New Fitness! New Custom enamel pins! 

For many people, finding and maintaining exercise is a daunting task.

If you’re not used to exercise, you might not know where to start or you cannot find the motivation to maintain it.

Maybe you are just boring for the same style of workout.

Well, exercising with company maybe will make you feel more motivated and energetic.

The MMA workout can be one of the best ways to exercise to treat boredom and improve the effect.

I tried myself and it is an excellent way to start. The combination of boxing, kicking and cardio all together make you feel tired, but definitely you will see how your body shape changed in a couple weeks.

Training for MMA is a full-body workout that pushes your body to limits, MMA can get you in the best shape of your life and has some other great benefits.

MMA exercise is a whole-body exercise that pushes the body to the limit. MMA allows you to reach the best state of life and has other advantages.

  1. Your skin gets better and building self confidence
  2. It improves your mental wellbeing
  3. To learn self defense techniques
  4. Burn calories quickly
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Make friends and be part of a family
  7. losing weight and getting fit

So far, you may have heard many benefits of exercise: it helps control weight; it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers; it strengthens your bones; it improves your Mental health and mood.

Now, most of Gyms, personal trainers and different academies creates special gifts for their fighters.

This gorgeous custom enamel pins are made for everyone who takes the risk and start changing their body shapes.


These pins specially created to reward and encourage them.

GS-JJ a custom products manufacturer helps you with design. We offer the most fantastic quality and excellent prices!

We can provide many different lapel pins at the lowest price.

Contact us!

Use our minimum order of $99 and you can take include: 

  1. Design
  2. Digital Proof
  3. Shipping
  4. No Tax and Duty
  5. Around 20 pcs
  6. Mold fee (We keep it for up 2 years)


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Facebook: @GSPromoInc

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