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Veterans Miami Sailing Boat Race!

Great News, great events and great Challenge Coins Awards!

Last week, the most anticipated sailing boats race has been taken place in Miami.

A lot of teams representing countries met again to compete for the Miami Sailing Week from many nations. Fantastic regatta!

Like other beach cities, Miami truly is the city where the heat is on…

Along with more than seven and a half miles, it’s not just a beach, it’s a community.

Welcome to Miami, taking a closer look at South Florida’s amazing beach.

As a top destination and most attractive resort.

Miami has buzzing and glamorous white-sand beaches and sun, entertainment, relax and much more to enjoy.

You’ve no doubt seen it in movies or other TV shows, and naturally you’re dying to visit the city. It’s true that Miami is a dynamic city.

Probably the most iconic location in Miami, South Beach has it all, includes various Club LIV, Joe’s Stone Crab and perfect Lincoln Road for everyone to have a stroll.

The best temperatures are between March and May, you can plan trips in exotic beaches looking for sun, sea, nightclub and beyond then. Among its varied and different neighborhoods is South Beach, where many stars hotel are right beside.

If you want to customize some keepsakes about Miami, pls kindly contact GS-JJ, which is a professional challenge coins maker. Various inspired and memorable challenge coins are available here.

Enjoy the rest of your stay! Welcome to Miami.

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