Brazilian Artists Created the Largest Murals in the World

Great world artists and great master pieces!

For GS-JJ creating #CustomPins another way to express your #art talent…

#Artists, #sculptors, #creatives, #designers and more, making they dreams true.

Just like this fantastic Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, recently completed another of the world’s largest graffiti works!


While refreshing the Guinness World Records, the “largest mural” he created in 2016.

Eduardo Kobra is notable for painting murals, usually depicting portraits with a technique of repeating squares and triangles.

Also he shows his talent using this amazing bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme throughout his art.

Very interesting facts are that, the large mural that Cobble built in Itapevi, the city of São Paulo, Brazil, has a total area of 5,742 square meters, which is about twice as large as the frescoes he completed last year for the Rio Olympics

Art is another world in which people can draw everything what they want.

For us the custom pins made by #GS-JJ  with enamel pin are fantastic pieces of art.

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