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Give Identity to your Corporation – Corporate Lanyards

Corporate Lanyards

One interesting fact about the lanyards is that, during the beginning of 1900 they were all handmade at workshops.

Raw materials for cotton, linen, and then later, the raw materials for webbing gradually developed into nylon, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex and viscose…

So, all these new material were forming the three major types of weaving, knitting and knitting technology.

Usually any fabric structure will definitely include a plain, twill, satin, multilayer, tubular and syndication.

Our company , GS-JJ provides three categories of lanyards.

The mainly category you can take a deep look will be the custom flat polyester! 

Custom Lanyards - GSJJ
Custom Lanyards – GSJJ

Then, also important the  tie dye Custom lanyards  and also no less important the  personalized woven.

Custom Flat Polyester is one of our most popular custom lanyard, due to its simplicity, attractive looks and low price.

Taking advantage of this process will be a big opportunity, because this  produce method is cheap with high-quality product and your corporation can uses in variety of situations.

Most of big corporations give to every employees as a Corporate Image the Customized Lanyards with the I.D. giving definitely power to their Visual Identity!

You should select the best choice for promotional lanyards.

Tie dye technique is one the best for multi-colored designs.

Corporate Lanyards - GSJJ
Corporate Lanyards – GSJJ

Here a few styles to see!

you can try  the heat transfer printing because with this you may specify any number of personalized colors you wish!!!

GS-JJ has this style of lanyards for sale, as for a quote today!

Woven Material are made with a very strong polyester material.

Custom Lanyard - GSJJ
Custom Lanyard – GSJJ

These lanyards are able to have your text and/or logos embroidered into the polyester material! It gives a complete great look!

With this you can have a single or multiple colored logos as well as text.

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