How to Use Custom Lapel Pins to Promote Your Business

Promoting a new Business… Custom Pins one great choice!

Custom lapel pins are one of the things you may see everywhere and appeal to customers of all ages.

Businessmen wear them,children love them, even the punk rocker also loves them!

In fact, studies show that, so many people love free stuff.

Usually new businesses, often use giveaway to give their brand more recognition.

Giveaways are a great way to advertise your business and leave a funny and memorable impression to a potential customers !!!

Imagine … your customer buys $30 from your store, then  You say, “You can get a free lapel pin with that!”

That would be really awesome.

Lapel Pins are a  very durable item, which means that they are made from quality materials.

And,  pins can be worn in a visible location on an article of clothing or cap, also, it  can be customized with your logo!

The more interesting this lapel design, the more likely it is for your customer to wear it.  Maybe, next time with her friend to your store.

You can also send lapel pins free to get some new customers.  lapel pins are great to help you make a winning first impression. After all, who doesn’t love a gift? You also can use them as a discount vehicle.

Hand out a lapel pin to your first 50 customers, tell them, “If you wear the lapel pin next time into shop, you’ll get an exclusive discount on their purchase. The custom lapel pins are small and easy to transport. This is very good to send them out at community events , trade shows or conferences.

Design a personalized custom lapel pin for your employees! It will go a long way in building employees’ pride in the company or organization to your business. That also good way to promote your business.

Then you might be thinking about some questions! How expensive a custom lapel? What kind of lapel should I customize? How to choose the size? It’s doesn’t matter, all about these problem, GS-jj can give you a satisfactory reply or click here to our home page to know about more.

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