Miracle Organization Events

Because our society are full of love. The Miracle League of Plymouth custom medals prove it’s truth.

It is so nice to mention that The Miracle League of Plymouth, is a non-profit and charitable organization.

They are happy in  provide to children with physical and mental disabilities, an opportunity to play baseball.

Also as a team member in an organized league!!

So, this improve their emotions.

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We invite to to know a little bit more about this league because, is a non-competitive, and  all players are getting to bat and circle the bases each inning, giving them the opportunity to participate.

All the MLP members offers kind support and fun you give these kids which with special needs.

After their exciting games, Miracle League of Plymouth rewards all players and supporter with custom medals.

GS-JJ in charge of these MLP custom medals and have long-term cooperation with Miracle League of Plymouth. And they expertly design and make any customized medals from corporate recognition to sports events.

The custom medals for MLP are crafted by soft enamel.

This design created with bold enamel colors and highly engraved gives an unique style.

With this custom medals made of fine metal, and nice brass polished will be the honor recognition to all the player, volunteers and members for what they have done for the cute kids with such special awards.

Great gifts and medals for any events.

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