Winter is Coming, Wear Cute Pins in your Jackets

You can decide how your jackets will look this winter!

Cute pins on them will make the difference. Customize your clothes.

The Red Fox Pin is one good idea. This animal is one of  the largest and most common fox, because the red hair.

Also because of the season, a Christmas tree, cute pin will look perfect!

What about showing a little bit of traditions and holiday spirit on your jackets.

GS-JJ also design all styles of  lapel pins. The Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins, are an enamel pin with black metal. The color is uniform, exquisite workmanship. Each of Beautiful Fox Lapel Pins are individually poly bagged and fixed by a rubber cap back.

This Christmas Season lapel pins, are also soft enamel material, that allows to create and shape all kind of different designs into a custom lapel pins at the lowest price.

Consider this for the coming winter time! Kids and teenagers will love them. Visit, see our gallery and customize your cute pins now!

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