A Great Gift for Police Officers

Challenge Coins are a great gift for Police Officers, that symbol of recognition shows elegance and details of their efforts!

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is the largest principal law enforcement agency of the city of Seattle, in Washington State, and including on their team various specialty units including SWAT, bike patrol, harbor patrol, motorcycles, mounted patrols, and Special Police, they have decided create a great gift for the team.

GS-JJ, which is a professional challenge coins maker, to make customized coins for their SPD member.

Support and honor the men and women who “protect and serve” Seattle, one of the greatest cities in the world.

While, the mission of the Seattle Police Department is to prevent crime, enforce the law, and they have also supported a quality public safety,  delivering respectful, professional and dependable police services to all the community, deserving this precious gift.

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Seattle Police Department challenge coins are two sided custom coins, filled with four enamel colors, silver plated and polished for a shiny presentation.

The Police challenge coins features with shield patch and logo of the Seattle Police Department on the center in dark blue, and the flip side printed with an awesome and armed policeman, and a police patrol truck parked behind him. This coins are crafted by soft enamel, and it’s great token for your favorite Policemen, family members or community members.

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