Western Cowboy

Western Cowboy, refers to a group of enthusiastic pioneers in the western vast land during the 18th to 19th American Century.

In the history of the United States, these pioneers help to the development of the West, they are adventurous and hard-working spirit, the Americans call them “the hero on horseback.” Western cowboy is a short historical phenomenon, the United States during the period of  1886  they were popular and give service in different  industries as workers.

For most Americans, and even for many in the world, the American West Cowboy are a heroic and mysterious figure. In the literature, film and television, the cowboys are usually wearing a Mexican-style wide along the high-top felt hat, waist revolver or bracelet Winchester to rifle, wrapped around the band, wearing jeans T-shirt, as well as the bundle of sleeves tight pockets of jeans, pedal decorated with a pair of thorns and thorns of the high tube leather boots, neck surrounded by a colorful printing large square towel, riding a fast horse wandering, the image mighty and free and easy. The external dress represents the typical individualism and the spirit of freedom.

To commemorate the cowboy culture, our company, GS-JJ produced a cowboy lapel pins. The Cowboy Stock Lapel Pins  , crafted by soft enamel, die struck with gold finish. The craft is very delicate. Each is individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different stock lapel pins , including Lapel Pins  at low price.

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