47 Down: Gold Mine Disaster

The words such as “cave-in”, or “mine disaster” inevitably call to mind the coal-mining regions. The Argonaut is the site of the worst gold mining disaster in California History.

85 years ago, the Gold Country was the scene of the deadliest recorded mine disaster in California, with similarities to other mine explosion accidents.

On a hot summer night in 1922, fire and toxic gas ripped through a mine shaft nearly a mile beneath the surface, trapping 47 miners. The incident at the Argonaut Gold Mine in Jackson, about 30 miles from Sutter’s Mill in Coloma.

The above custom coins detail the fire of Argonaut gold mine, which trapped 47 miners 4,650 feet below ground in that summer. It took rescuers three weeks to get to where the miners were trapped by the fire.

The antique challenge coin to commemorate these miners’ heroic valor and spirit of Friendship, Loyalty and Charity. All family members and friends, co-workers and countless Americans will keep them in mind forever. Argonaut Mine custom challenge coins are polished with an antique silver color, engraved with a worker held his tools in the cave, stared at the forward. On the back of the quality challenge coins, depicted the words to miss the hero in the disaster from Grand President, Erik M. Christeson. All the Miners live in our mind forever.


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