Is crow ominous bird or holy bird?

Crow is a popular type of black bird of Passeriformes. Not all crows are black, white crows also existed in the world. Crows which have big mouth and ferocious temperament like tweeting. For the bird’s head birds in the largest individual, body length of 400 ~ 490 mm. Feathers mostly are black or black and white, long beak, and some have bright white collar, black feathers with purple blue metallic luster; wings are far longer than the tail; mouth, legs and feet are pure black. There are 36 species of crows, distributed almost all over the world.

Crow has different status and meaning in different countries, there are positive and negative. Some people think that crows and black cats are doom of the pronoun of death, fear and doom and the crow’s cry will take away people’s lives, pumping people’s soul, so the crow was annoyed by people, that is a big ominous bird. But there is a legend in the UK that when crows leave the Tower, the building and the monarchy will fall. In southern Europe, the crow means deceit, contrary to southern Europe, in the Nordic, the crow has become the embodiment of Thoughts (Hugin) and memories (Munin).

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