“Tulip” The Flower Queen

Tulips are very beautiful, wide variety, loved by the people. Tulips are cultivated all over the world, is the Netherlands, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan and other countries of the country flower, known as the flower queen, become a fashionable and international symbol. The Dutch people set the closest Wednesday to May 15 as the national annual tulip festival. In the slopes covered with tulips, windmills swing the wind, very charming.


There is such a legend on the tulips. Long ago in a small country there is a young and beautiful princess, there are three princes at the same time to her to marry him, a prince presented her to his beloved crown, the second prince presented to the princess symbol of honor and right of the sword, and the third prince to the princess presented his own gold and silver treasures; princess is very difficult to know how to choose, to ask the flower god she turned into a beautiful tulip. The corolla of tulips is like a crown, its stems and leaves are like a sword, and its bulb like gold and silver treasure! In fact, tulip flower is love.

Look at here! There are three tulips with different color. Red tulip means love confession, joy, warm love. Yellow tulip means optimist. Black tulip means mystery, nobleness, unique leader power, honor crown. The lapel pins for tulip, made by GS-JJ, enamel pin maker. It is crafted by hard enamel, die struck with gold finish. The craft is very delicate. Each is individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different custom enamel pins at the lowest price.

A website “Tulips.com” is written on the lapel pin, which is about Mobile Associate App. Tulip’s powerful mobile applications re-invent the in-store shopping experience, improve service, drive sales and lower operational costs. Dedicated to store associate empowerment, Tulip is bringing the best of online shopping to the selling floor with an intuitive, simple to use mobile app that enables: assisted selling, endless aisle, clientele, store communications, worker collaboration, mobile checkout and line busting. With Tulip Retail’s Mobile Associate App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, store associates now have access to dozens of pre-built tools to help meet the needs of customers at every step of the way.

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