Soccer Custom Medals

Two of the big sport events are the NBA and FIFA World Cup. Each year, we can watch the NBA competition, but for World cup we need to wait four years, same like Olympic games.

Compared to NBA competition, the World Cup is the most prestigious association soccer tournament in the world and more popular and crazy among its fans as well as the most widely viewed. All in all, so many people love soccer and participate on the games.

GS-JJ, as a professional custom medals maker, supplies many different serials medals to meet clients’ requirement, special the sport medals. Every year we get many similar design cases and orders about soccer games.

For soccer competition, we recommend two custom medals for soccer events which ones have received great reputation among customers.

The above Soccer medals are all customized according to client’s idea and design. Choose with classic and normal shape– circle and rectangle, die struck with bright brass, gold and rose-pink color, some engraved with 3D high detailed figures on the surface, some just print with the event logo. All with soccer symbol to inform us this medal is for this specific game. So clear and simple.

Besides custom medals, GS-JJ also offers custom lapel pin, custom challenge coins, belt buckles and related items.


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