Learn in 3 Simple Steps How to Design a Medal for any Event or Competition

Custom Medals

Medals aren’t just a flat piece of metal, usually is shaped like a coin, but it is a Symbol of Honor; that is why we are happy to teach you and give some tips to Customize it and make it perfect!

All excellent people could receive one and participants have one to encourage you to be better.

Today we will share some ideas about how to design Custom Medals mainly use for social organization events and promotions.

The Custom Medal is an individual medal, you can choose the shape and size, logo, metal and plating color you prefer. Here 3 simple steps to create your master piece:

  1. Firstly, you need to decide the medal’s metal or material, mostly used material is the zinc alloy. Then the proper shape you want, classic circle, rectangle, or other unusual shape. GS-JJ as an expert can offer you many choices and also give recommendation according to your needs. Then our designer will advise the right size, size and thickness usually ranging from 1.5” to 4”, 1 to 3 mm.medal3
  2. Secondly, the logo or words you want to engrave on both side of medal. You can pick a special logo for your event, a company logo, community logo or organization logo etc. Or just the name of organization or event.medal1The back side, you can make it simpler with nothing, or some meaningful words or figures. Here few examples.medal2
  3. Thirdly, you should select a plating color. There are many choices, such as gold, rose-gold, silver, copper, antique color, brass etc.

    With many details for the medals, our designer will give the blueprint within 24 hours for you to revise the design in case you want to make a little change. Finally, if you are satisfied with the design image, then we arrange our workmates to produce the samples for your custom medal in factory.

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