Soft Enamel for The Arrow of Love Pins

One day ,love Cupid came to earth,he found that people here do not know what is love,so he fired at them the arrow of love,let people live happily together. Later people in order to commemorate Cupid, designed the pin, named the arrow of love .Look at the pin, the golden arrows of love through the red heart, means that the heart is full of love.It is crafted from soft enamel ,die struck with gold finish.Soft enamel is a sort of color process.Soft enamel is different with hard enamel.Soft enamel is divided by raised and recessed metal.Each one comes in an individual poly bag and is secured with a rubber cap back.The arrow of love pin,especially for Valentine’s Day to the favorite girls. May all  lovers are together happily in the world. GS-JJ can give you the best design for your pins. We look forward to your arrival.


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