Why People Like Lapel Pins

There are few things, if any at all, which can represent so much while being the size of a lapel pin. Wearing a lapel pin can tell people a number of things about you, ranging from your interests to your company—or simply that you love wearing lapel pins.

Lapel pins have come a long way from being limited to national flags and promotional pins for awareness campaigns. You can now find a lapel pin for everything under the sun, from the logo of your favorite sports team to a cartoon character you grew up watching every day.

There are plenty of reasons why lapel pins have become so popular, especially recently. From soft enamel pins to hard enamel pins, differences in the materials used for manufacturing the pins to the reason they are being used for, the options you have when buying lapel pins are endless.

Here are some of the few reasons why lapel pins have become a favorite once again:

Creative Designs

Lapel pins these days have really set the bar. There are a number of ways to figure out which design works best for you when it comes to custom lapel pins. Depending on readability, in case there is any text involved in the lapel pin, to whether the design is self-explanatory and decipherable from a distance or not, quite a few factors are involved in deciding whether a design is ideal for use.

The possibilities, however, are unlimited. The fact that custom lapel pins are designable to fit nearly any scenario is enough of a reason for people to love them so much. Designs for lapel pins can include anything from text to logos to mascots and anything in between. With so much room for creativity, you can unleash the artist in you and design custom lapel pins which best suit your needs.

Appealing Textures

The texture of the lapel pin varies depending on the material used to the technique used in manufacturing the lapel pin. Soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins may look quite similar to each other, but there is a subtle difference between their textures. You can easily choose between the two depending on whether you like the defining metal lines between different colors on your lapel pins or not. Hard enamel pins are smoother and often more durable.

A Pin for Every Situation

Unlike most accessories, lapel pins can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Due to the diversity in options available when it comes to lapel pins, you can expect anyone from a child to a president to be wearing them. Some pins, like the national flag, may be more common than others. Promotional pins for a campaign or award pins, however, are still quite popular.

Collectible Pins!

Most people who love lapel pins will probably never be seen wearing them. This is because lapel pins have always been a favorite collectible item. People tend to show their love for a movie franchise or sports team through these collectible pins. Most avid travelers even have a collection of flag pins of all the countries they have visited as a memoir of their travels.


To browse a variety of options and order lapel pins for yourself, contact us today.




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